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Tuition by Teachers Safeguarding Policy 
At Tuition by Teachers, we prioritise the safety and well-being of our students. Please find below a summary of key measure in our safeguarding policy in order to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.

  1. Online Safety and Data Protection: We maintain robust online safety protocols to protect student data and ensure secure access to our online platform. We adhere to data protection regulations, handling personal information with strict confidentiality.

  2. Staff Training and Responsibilities: Our staff and tutors undergo comprehensive training on safeguarding practices. They are responsible for promoting a safe learning environment, promptly reporting any concerns, and following our designated procedures.

  3. Reporting and Response: We have clear procedures for reporting safeguarding concerns. Students, parents, or staff can report any issues to our, who will promptly investigate and take appropriate action in accordance with legal requirements.

  4. Parent and Guardian Partnership: We value open communication with parents and guardians, encouraging their involvement in our safeguarding efforts. We provide resources and guidance to support them in promoting online safety and well-being.

  5. Continuous Improvement: We regularly review and update our safeguarding policy to ensure it aligns with best practices and remains effective in safeguarding our students

Our commitment to safeguarding ensures a secure and supportive learning environment for all our students. For a comprehensive version of our safeguarding policy, please contact us directly.

Please note that this summary does not include all the details of our policy.
Roles and Responsibilities in Safeguarding

  1. Teacher Responsibility:
    -Teachers must familiarise themselves with all relevant safeguarding policies and guidelines.
    -They should actively promote and adhere to best practices in online safety and child protection.
    -Teachers are expected to maintain appropriate boundaries and conduct themselves professionally at all times.
    - Any concerns or suspicions regarding the well-being or safety of a student should be reported to


  2. Parent/Guardian Responsibility:
    - Parents or guardians play a crucial role in ensuring their child's online safety and well-being.
    -They should be vigilant about their child's online activities, including monitoring their interactions during online tuition sessions.
    -Parents are encouraged to communicate any concerns or issues to or relevant authorities, if necessary.


  3. Student Responsibility:
    - Students should be aware of their own online safety and report any uncomfortable or inappropriate situations to their parents and teachers.
    - They should follow the guidelines provided by their teachers regarding online behavior and etiquette.


  4. Reporting and Communication:
    - Teachers, parents, and students are encouraged to report any safeguarding concerns promptly to
    -All reports and concerns will be treated seriously, and appropriate actions will be taken following established procedures.

It is important to note that while Tuition by Teachers is committed to providing a safe online learning environment, the ultimate responsibility for safeguarding lies with individuals, including teachers and parents. We actively promote and support safeguarding efforts, but accountability for maintaining personal and child safety rests with the individuals involved.

By establishing this shared responsibility and promoting open communication, we aim to create a safe and secure online learning environment for all our students.

Please note that this safeguarding policy should be read in conjunction with other relevant policies and guidelines, and it is subject to regular review and updates as needed.
Please find below a link to KCSIE (Keeping Children Safe in Education) document published by the Department of Education.

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